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Good marketing that makes you money, that is. Everything must be tracked, stored and analyzed, all decisions must be data-driven. If you are getting into e-commerce or already selling products on Amazon – there are some tools that absolutely must be in your arsenal.

Pre launch Hour Time work.


Niche research:

Is the niche on the rise or declining? How much do top players make? Are there any complimentary products that go well together, is there a need that can be fulfilled by your future product? Is there any way to charge a subscription for this or a similar product?

Changing your plans at an early stage is absolutely fine. Chase value rather than money, see how your product can help people – and you will be rewarded. Do not cling to your initial idea  just for the sake of false consistency.


Keyword Research

See what people search for when they browse Amazon and how much. Determine popular search phrases – maybe you can include those into your product title or description? Or, even better are there search phrases that are not represented by ANY product at all? If so, you would’ve launched that product yesterday.


Competition research

See who you’ll have to beat in order to sell more. Are they big brands with big budgets or are they small businesses with exceptional products? What is their sales rank? How much do they sell per month? Smart sellers know everything about their competition.

Once you read up a bit on your future niche you’ll have a more or less clear image in your mind. Make a list of all profitable keywords, note who’s doing what – get it all on a huge spreadsheet and you will see an opportunity there. Need research help jump here.


After launching your product

Create super-URLs. This is an extremely effective feature that allows you to convert all your “ugly” product links to shorter and “prettier” addresses. What’s great about these URLs is that your product rises in Amazon product rank once you share the super-URL on the internet. So generate the URLs, share them on social media and paste them to your blog – ask your friends and family to do the same, and you will sell a lot more.


Watch what the competition does. If they are smart – and you always grow when you compete with smart people – then they will start tracking your product from day 1 as well. See if they change something – product description, imagery or anything else. They might know a trick or two that you can learn – or they might be adding some super-profitable keywords you’re not aware of!

Experiment with paid ads. Amazon offers you to buy paid ads for your product and while this may turn into waste of money for some people, it will be a money-making machine for someone armed with big data like you.

Now that your product is live and have all the tracking set up-go and make sure your product is good quality and you’re all stocked up! Good luck!


Come on your own page



Optimizing your product title for Amazon is an excellent example of the way that optimizing for Amazon differs from optimizing for Google. And Add few word with the title as -TOP, Best. Boost, Fast etc…



(Women probiotic brand) is showing first page and good rank.

Now  think how possible. Go to the product and see his feature. So, make an unique feature.

A feature is a big reason that particular ranks, so highly is because it has lots of keyword rich, informative features. Features, which are displayed as bullet points right below the pricing and product options, are an absolute must. And added with bullet points all highlighted description. Add More word for more keyword which helps your amazon product ranking.



Basically, customer first view always goes to Products description. A class description most valuable feature of amazon product ranking. Your product description is basically where you expand on your Features. It’s also the part of the page you have the most control over. If there’s anywhere to really put a lot of effort into engagement, it’s in the product description.



These are different than Features – this is the part of the page where you actually list the technical and physical details of your product. Because this option is more effective for amazon product ranking. So includes size, shipping weight, color, publication date, tech, specs and more. You can see this top-ranked product for the “women best probiotic” search term using their product specifications to the maximum. Perfect specification make perfect rank.



You most likely didn’t understand this, yet, once a client has gone into a class – each other inquiry they perform on Amazon will, as a matter of course, be constrained to that category. So.. make a perfect category as your product.

The top 5 factors in Amazon algorithm are:

  1. Sales velocity– a number of sales you’re making per day and how quickly the sales are coming in. Ex. Selling 20 units within 2 hours will give you a boost. Therefore you need more organic traffic. So, what should you do? Create a website with similar your product name and show your product the web page and make do follow and no follow the link by guest post. And create few sponsored post at a better-ranking website. For this work you are not able then amazon service provider.
  2. Conversion rate– Your products conversion rate plays a very large part in your amazon product ranking. The more people that land on your product listing and buy the greater ranking Amazon will give the listing in the search results.
  3. CTR– The click through rate of your listing also plays a smaller part in your amazon product ranking as the more likely that somebody will click on your listing to check it out from the search results the higher priority Amazon will give it in the search results. CTR.
  4. Fulfillment Method – It is additionally great to realize that in the event that you are satisfying your item through amazons Fba program rather than trader satisfied which is satisfying requests yourself then Amazon will give your item need in the indexed lists over other dealer satisfied item posting.
  5. Help by Vote- It’s an unlawful system for promoting and amazon product ranking. You can provide votes for your existing reviews, including “Helpful vote” for good reviews and “Not helpful” for bad reviews. This will give a more prominent position to good reviews. If you want this service then alivelaugh.comamazon seo service provider

Now that you understand some of the largest factors in the amazon algorithm you can figure out what will increase these factors.

The best strategies to rank and your item in the Amazon search results at this moment is to utilize Amazon ppc with the goal that you can build your business speed and amazon item positioning regardless of the possibility that it is for a short measure of time and you are just earning back the original investment so you can expand your positioning and get more natural movement.

Another technique that will truly encourage is backpedaling to your posting and switching up the title and on page copy writing with the goal that individuals will tap on your posting when in the indexed lists and will probably purchase if you’re copy writing is on a point which will build your ctr and furthermore your transformation rates. If you fix all of these things this will greatly increase your Amazon search result rankings for your product.



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